Day 2 Keynote

In the general session we had some nuts and bolts discussions and demos of the topics that Pat covered yesterday. We discussed the cloud infrastructure required to deliver our modern applications and how VMware delivers that infrastructure at all levels. We wrapped up with some light Q&A by Olympic medal winning skier Lindsay Vaughn and hall of fame quarterback Steve Young, delivered by VMware COO Sanjay Poonen.

The general session was hosted by Ray O’Farrell, VMware’s recently former CTO and now EVP leading VMware’s expanded Cloud-Native Apps business unit. Ray broke down in depth how we manage this new complex, multi-cloud infrastructure that is the future of the digital, connected word.

He broke it down into four categories:

  • Build and Run
  • Connect and Protect
  • Manage
  • Experience

You’ll have to watch the general session to get the details on each of these steps to properly manage a multi-cloud, fully digital, app driven infrastructure!

Key Product Announcements:

You can watch the General Session replay of today’s and yesterday’s sessions here. In addition, VMworld breakout session playbacks have been posted. If you missed a breakout session or couldn’t attend VMworld this year, you can still listen to the experts.