New and Noteworthy:
Google buys CloudSimple – Google recently announced that they have completed their acquisition of CloudSimple, the leading VMware MaaS (Metal-as-a-Service) provider in Azure and Google’s Cloud Platform. “We believe in a multi-cloud world and will continue to provide choice for our customers to use the best technology in their journey to the cloud,” Rich Sanzi, a vice president of engineering at Google, wrote in a blog post on Monday. This appears to cement Google’s belief in the demand for VMware’s Cloud Foundation platform in the public cloud, but it will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to the move.

VMware Reports Earnings on Tuesday, 11/26 – VMware will report earnings on 11/26, with analysts including RBC Capital expecting another quarter of strong results. VMware’s stock is up 14% since our last earnings call on 8/22.

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